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PREP TO SELL- A checklist to prep your home to stand out and sell fast!

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

A seller's guide for preparing to list your home. Make sure your

home is featured in the best condition to get the best offers! And remember, don't just list your home, give it the attention it deserves. Here is my fail-proof checklist.

Check off the list of to-dos as you get through them:

☐ Replace Light Bulbs Throughout Home, make sure they aren't a mix of cool and warm tones, turn on all of the lights & fans for showings

☐ Replace Batteries in Smoke Detectors

☐ Hire A Professional Cleaning Company

☐ Box Up And Store Away Personal Clutter (Put In Storage Unit or garage, if Possible)

☐ Remove Personal Photos and Artwork, anything you will not be selling such as a chandelier

☐ Fix Any Holes In Walls, wipe walls, door jams, baseboards and scuffs with Magic Eraser

☐ Re-Touch Paint Where It's Needed

☐ Remove Furniture That May Take Up Too Much Space

☐ Make Sure Dishes Are Always Put Away, sink clutter & soaps away

☐ Make Sure Trash is Always Taken Out, Trash Can Doesn't Stink

☐ Keep All Beds Throughout Home Made

☐ Keep Closets Organized, Items Stored Away (Buyer's Want To See The Size, group clothes & shoes by color, rainbow hues and light to dark) Overstuffed closets are a NO!

☐ Make Minor Repairs Throughout Home (Dents, Holes, Scratches, etc.)

☐ Replace or Update Missing Hardware (I.e. Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets/Drawers) or paint them gold for a modern look for example.

☐ Make Sure Yard Debris Is Cleaned Up, Pressure wash sidewalks, fences, sides of house, windows

☐ Store Away Outside Content (I.e. Toys, Lawn Mowers, etc.)

☐ Add Some Plants Throughout Home To Freshen It Up, seasonal color, bright planters

☐ Hide Any Pet Supplies During Shows (I.e. Litterbox, Food, etc.)

☐ Remove Any Pet Odors, Or Any Other Offensive Odors, In All Rooms! I cant stress this one enough! Trust me, you may be used to the smell and not notice it. Regulary, Febreeze the curtains and rugs, use room sprays and Febreeze Noticeables in a fresh scent.

Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of selling? I can help!

To ensure you get top dollar for your home, you want to make sure it's in the best condition for buyers who preview the property. By removing personal items and clutter and keeping the home as immaculate as possible, you give buyer's the ability to view your home as their own. I highly recommend getting a small storage unit to store excess items in prior to your home being photographed and shown. In this market, people want a move in ready home. You want them to picture themselves and their belongings and how the layout will work for their family. If you have a unique floorplan, show it off with clever staging. Declutter bookshelves and style them. For more on this, stay tuned for my post about staging tips coming soon!

For the printable PDF version, click below

Download PDF • 45KB

Not sure where to start? If you have to move quick for relocation, or just overwhelmed by the whole thing, Sotheby's offers a White Glove service that can literally help you do all of these things as well as consign your antiques, and more. Just ask me how it works! I am here for all your questions! Give me a ring anytime...I look forward to hearing from you!

For more tips check out my post of curb appeal ideas and tips!


Aubrie Layne

Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty


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